Ways To Boost Immunity System

Suffer from frequent colds or the flu? Do not know how to get rid of long rhymes? We bring you some interesting tips on how easy and comfortable especially in winter months, strengthen immunity, and defenses. Advice and inspiration to do something for your health!

In winter many of us suffer from frequent colds, colds, flu, or problems with the airways. Sometimes, just get off the air-conditioned car into the bitter cold and flu in the world. It requires very little to our bodies against the harmful effects of neighborhood stronger and be able to effectively prevent various diseases. We bring you ten interesting and immunologists recommended ways to strengthen the immune system.

And actively move

Active movement is one of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Promoting physical fitness is a prerequisite for strong and properly functioning immune system. Simply put: “If your body is in good condition, will fit even your immune system.” And it does not go right for sports performance. You start to walk more, stop riding elevators, or weekend treat two or three short walks.

Eat properly and regularly

Just as the movement is very important to properly and regular meals. There is nothing worse than to start a day without a hearty breakfast, to work or go to school without a good snack, skip lunch and the evening was enough of that to the breaking point. With this Accession not only gain a lot of weight very soon, but your body and the body suffers. And with it the immune system. To do something for his line and the immune system, begin to eat without stress, at regular intervals, smaller portions and make sure the other dinner.

Make sure your body enough vitamins

Income related to catering vitamins and trace elements that are essential for the body and the body without them. There is nothing easier than to your diet to include fresh organic fruits, organic vegetables and organic meat quality. What most beneficial to the immune system?

Citrus fruit and kiwi fruit – Vitamin C

Nuts, legumes and leafy vegetables – zinc , magnesium , vitamin E and D

Garlic – a “natural antibiotic”

Sauerkraut, yogurt and fermented dairy products – helps digestion and digestion

Fresh and lean organic meat – all types of meat, especially fish meal

Generally, all fruits and vegetables

Do not underestimate the drinks

Drinking “ordinary” water helps to detoxify the body positively. It is therefore advisable to forget the drinks. If you place your system into the drinking organic green tea or herbal tea, definitely do well. Optimal amount of fluid per day for an adult ranges between 2-3 l .

Set out into the countryside for a walk

Do you go for a walk? If not, and fix it quickly. Active movement in the fresh air is priceless. Not only cleanses your head nice and relaxing, but also help the immune system. Stay away, even in bad weather, helping the body cope with various viruses, bacteria and harmful substances. The body is so naturally becomes stronger.

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